Blast cleaning

During high-pressure blast cleaning, the abrasive is fed into the air stream and directed at high speed from the sprayer to the surface to be cleaned. The abrasive can be sand, metal shards, soda or glass beads. The pressure intensity can be adjusted according to the surface to be cleaned. Heavy-duty abrasive removes dirt, paint, rust and other surface coatings.

Blast cleaning significantly improves:

  • adhesion of paint to the metal surface;
  • anti-corrosion properties of the painted product;
  • extends the life of the product.

Therefore, it is advisable to treat the surface by blast cleaning before priming or painting.

The company’s blast-cleaning services include sandblasting and blasting.


For best results, it is usually necessary to use a primer before painting. Primer is a specially formulated material that helps the paint adhere better to the painted surface, protect the surface from oxidation, moisture and corrosion, thus ensuring the longevity of the product.


The wet painting process is used for products that cannot be heated, disassembled or do not fit in the heating furnace as well as for simple painting work where powder coating is not necessary.

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