About us

One of the most important areas of UAB Dovaina’s business activity is the production and assembly of non-standard products, parts, workpieces, and structures.

New and modern equipment, as well as a team of professionals, ensure the quality of metal products and allow us to carry out both small and large orders and long-term projects as quickly as possible. Available manufacturing resources allow us to fulfil orders quickly and maintain high-quality standards.

Products are manufactured in accordance with management systems


Offered services:

  • Metal processing: laser cutting (sheets, tubes), laser engraving, cutting with a band saw or circular saw, CNC and universal milling, 3D milling, tube milling, CNC and universal turning, metal bending, metal rolling (sheet, strips, rods, tubes), threading, drilling, welding, aluminium welding, stud welding, grinding, priming and painting, surface coating, polishing, sandblasting, blasting.
  • Manufacture of parts and workpieces.
  • Assembly of equipment, units, and structures.
  • Assembly of electrical enclosures
  • Design and construction of non-standard equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair of service equipment.

We design and manufacture customized non-standard products of varying complexity, manufacturing lines, conveyors, and equipment for various industries, adapting them to the location and purpose, as well as automate manufacturing processes.

UAB Dovaina manufactures products for various industrial and commercial sectors:

  • Manufacture of equipment for the food production industry.
  • Manufacture of furniture.
  • Manufacture of medical equipment.
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment.
  • Manufacture of advertising equipment.
  • Manufacture of merchandise equipment.
  • Metal products.
  • Energy.
  • Cellulose and paper.
  • Manufacture of lifting equipment.
  • Manufacture of packaging equipment.
  • Manufacture of conveyors.
  • Mining industry.
  • Automation of processes.
  • Manufacture of prototypes.

Manufacture of prototypes/samples

Before the series production of new parts or equipment begins, a prototype, model, or pilot sample is produced. Once the sample is made, the overall image, accuracy, structural strength, and manufacturing complexity are analyzed and necessary corrections to drawings and designs are made. When working on prototypes, production is stopped several times to make sure that everything is according to the design, drawing or idea. Semi-finished products are coordinated with the client and submitted for inspection. The cost of producing samples or prototypes is often high, but this reduces the number of errors in subsequent stages of production. If you have an idea, time and want to contribute to the realization of your own project, our team will always help you.

The company employs skilled metal processing technicians, turners and mill workers with up to 15-30 years of experience. The company’s metal processing and assembly works are carried out at a high quality, with the utmost care and responsibility. UAB Dovaina has been engaged in this activity since 1993. Hence, we can say that we have experience in the metal processing market both in Kaunas and in Lithuania. The quality of our services was also evaluated by foreign partners.

Our fast and professional services and the optimal price-quality ratio will encourage you to become our customer!

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